Full Spectrum Warrior
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What is a Full Spectrum Warrior?

Here at Trident Fitness we focus on a concept former Navy SEAL Rich Graham developed called the Full Spectrum Warrior (F.S.W.). He believes that if you are going to be a "warrior" on the battlefield of life there are a few key areas that must be addressed and developed.

  • Goal Setting/Work Ethic
  • Health/Diet
  • Movement/Fitness
  • Technical Skills/Tactical Proficiency
  • Thought Process/Attitude
  • Comunication/Team Work
  • Leadership/Student
  • Faith/God 

Each of these topics can be broken down into subtopics that can be studied in great detail.

Why Is This Important?

As we dive deeper into the F.S.W. program, you will soon realize that if you are not growing in all of these areas, you will limit your effective potential in life.

Here is an example:

John is a Fire Fighter.  He loves to study the books, he is always the first to know about new gear, and has all the medical statistics memorized.  If you were to speak with him on the phone you would think he is the all-star fire fighter at the firehouse.
The problem is that John is overweight and can barely pass any of the basic physical requirements of the job.  This puts himself and the rest of his unit in danger on the call.  He loses the respect of his team, in addition to his own every time they work a physically demanding job.  When John gets promoted, due to the lack of respect from his men, he is unable to effectively lead his unit.

If you take any of the above out of the mix, it will negatively impact the other areas of your life, much like removing a piston from an engine

How Can Trident Fitness Help Me?

Trident Fitness provides training and seminars covering these topics.  Our goal is not to make our clients “top heavy” in any one area, but instead to develop the “full spectrum.”  Whether it is a fitness seminar or a tactical firearms course, our professional staff of Navy SEALs is there to mold you into a “Full Spectrum Warrior!” 


“You are only as strong as your weakest link.”